Friday, February 4, 2011

NYC, I give you fair warning! Up there, in lights, I'll be!

The best part of my Christmas Break was my trip to New York City with my mom, my "sis" Jesse, and Mrs. Cindy. The four of us took New York by STORM and we had a blast! We stayed at the Edison Hotel, which is special to me since that is
where I stayed during rehearsals for Annie... many, many years ago. ;)

We did a LOT of shopping....

Saw a few shows...


And ate some more!

While we were in NYC, we celebrated my 21st Birthday! That was such a treat! We had dinner at the famous Italian restaurant, Carmine's. It was DELICIOUS! When it came time for dessert, we all wanted to taste the biggest dessert on the menu: The Titanic.

It. Was. HUGE!

After much sight-seeing, shopping, eating, laughing, and spending time together, we finally ended our trip by eating lunch (and dessert) at Serendipty 3.

Visiting NYC with my mom, and my "2nd Family" definitely goes on the top of my list of the best trips I've ever taken. I'm so blessed to have had the chance to visit favorite city in the world, and even MORE thankful that
I got to share the experience with three very special people in my life.

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